The application of Nd:YAG 1064 nm infrared laser for the effective eradication of stubborn recalcitrant verrucae and hand warts is still by far one of the most effective treatment solutions available to patients. Laser energy is targeted into the verrucerous tissue, and only the verruca is affected. The principle of using infrared light energy is that if you fire the laser over an area without any pigment, very little reaction will happen. Pigment is required, a chromophore for the light energy to be absorbed into, to in effect heat up, cause thermal damage. The main pigment in a verruca/wart is the innervating capillary loops which have been drawn up to the skin’s epidermal surface. These are the black dots that are observed in verrucae, and bleed when cut.

The laser heats up the haemaglobin in the blood vessels causing in effect a thermal burn reaction. The lasered verruca blisters over a few days, with infected tissue destroyed. Because it is so carefully and precisely targeted, surrounding tissues are not affected. The resulting blisters are drained and dressed, and over a period of 2-4 weeks the verruca has gone. Normally only one treatment is sufficient which is remarkable when weeks, months, years of conservative treatments have failed! At Compleet Feet we treat those verrucae that have not responded to anything.