Accredited Chiropody and Podiatry

Accredited Chiropody and Podiatry is available at Compleet Feet. Clinics in Alton and Westbourne( near Havant). Compleet Feet offer a ‘complete’ foot care service to encompass routine foot care through to complex procedures. We pride ourselves in being able to find a solution for most presenting problems. Prevention is often key to good foot health and mobility.

An accredited clinic we work to the highest of standards recommended by The Royal College of Podiatrists to ensure patients are given the best standards of care.


Compleet Feet have a 7 day free return policy. If  your treated foot is still painful within that period of time please contact us. We will do our best to quickly book you in for a review and address the problem. You will not be charged for this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to our most asked questions

No, but if you email us on: we will endeavour to reply within a few hours to advice on appropriate course of action or answer any concerns. Please include any relevant pictures and details of concern.

What is Routine Podiatry?

Routine podiatry is preventive medicine and management foot care involving looking after the health of feet. It involves nail care, removal and reduction of corns and hard skin. During a podiatry appointment a podiatrist will be generally assessing the health of the feet and looking out for any potential problems.

Podiatrists are experts in wound care and tissue viability and can treat more serious presenting problems e.g. skin breakdowns and ulcerations. They will be able to assess whether there are any potential issues that need to managed or monitored. The podiatrist will advise on after care and offer general foot care information e.g. footwear. Compleet Feet are stockists of specialist footwear e.g. DB Wider Fit shoes and Joyas.

It must be noted that more specific lower limb foot related problems e.g. foot, ankle, knee, lower back pain require a Biomechanical Assessment. These are not considered routine appointments.

It must also be noted that specialist nail surgery, fungal nail and verruca treatments require specific appointment allocations and could have differing costs to routine podiatry. Please check above treatment options and if not sure ask.

I am not sure if you can treat my problem?

We can treat most lower limb related foot problems or advise on appropriate course of action. Please speak to one our trained receptionists who will answer any of your enquiries and book your appointment. You can book direct online. If you would like to receive a preliminary answer please send in good quality pictures with short summary of problem, but we do not make a formal diagnosis without patient present.

Should I go to my doctor with my foot problem first?

This depends on what the foot problem is? Most foot related problems are best treated by a podiatrist. Often considerable time is wasted by seeking an appointment with a GP, when podiatrists are the foot experts and can  treat the problem more effectively and appropriately. GPs are not experts in foot care. They often are there to help triage patients in the right direction to  see the right medical specialist.

Podiatrists are experts in wound care and treating infections, but if an individual requires antibiotics, a referral to a vascular surgeon, rheumatolgist, x-ray etc. then it is recommended that they do see their GP.  If a patient is not sure who they need to see then we can advise. Podiatrists are great diagnostic practitioners, who can assess and detect when there is a problem that needs to be appropriately referred on.

Do you treat hands?

Yes, we treat hands. We can offer basic nail cuts at request, but this is a discretionary service and can only be offered if the podiatrist deems it a rightful request and has time. For more complex conditions like ingrown fingernails, warts and nail fungus; these can be treated by us. Please check out the appropriate treatment links.

Do I have an initial consultation?

Yes. All new patients will have a consultation pertinent to the presenting problem e.g. whether it is a problem corn or plantar fasciitis. For routine foot problems, we do not charge for initial consultations unlike other clinics and will commence treatment during initial appointment. Patients will be required to consent to treatment. What we mean by this is that most clinics will charge an additional extra consultation fee on top of the routine appointment fee. We don’t. You will be charged a standard routine fee which currently is £55-60. February 2023.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes. At Alton, we have a downstairs clinic with wheelchair access at the back of the building and a drop-off point. Please ask.

Westbourne has a small low step at the entrance.

What should I expect during a podiatry appointment?

We treat all presenting foot related problems within an appointed time. If we require additional time for your specific problem we will advise. A routine chiropody/ podiatry appointment consists of all nails cut and filed, all hard skin, corns reduced, required padding or dressings applied and cream massaged in. Finally, any relevant foot care advice is given. NOTE: We do not charge extra for a 1st Routine Podiatry appointment.

Can I claim on insurance?

Yes, but this is dependent on your Medical Insurance Company. Please check your policy before an appointment. If you are using BUPA you must have the treatment claim code before your scheduled appointment and let the podiatrist and reception know.

Do you offer late evening or weekend appointments?

Yes. We can offer a 6.00pm appointment on a case by case basis at Alton.  We do have Saturday morning clinics. Please ask.

Do you have an out of hours emergency service?

We can offer emergency appointments, but this considered on a case by case basis. Generally, out of hours we advise patients to email us in with clear explanation of problem to include photographs if possible, and we will respond as quickly as we can. Katrina and Mark  pick up emails through gmail on their mobile phones.

What is the difference between a Foot Health Practitioner, Chiropodist and Podiatrist?

Foot Health Practitioners (FHPS) are not degree trained and are less specialist than podiatrists. Their scope of practice is limited e.g. they cannot perform nail surgery and are not experts in musculoskeletal lower limb assessments and orthotic prescribing. Chiropodists and Podiatrists are basically the same, but degree trained. Podiatrists have moved away from being termed Chiropodists. It is considered to be an old fashioned term which does not appropriately reflect the large scope of specialist practice the  modern Podiatrist can perform.


Please note FHPS must not advertise or refer to themselves as Chiropodists. This misleads the public. It is still a protected title. All medical health practitioners must work within their scope of practice.


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Clinic Prices for Routine Podiatry Treatment

As from February 2023. Please note Katrina Waller and Erin McCreedy work at both clinics.


‘Complete’ Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | Katrina Waller - Consultant Podiatrist


‘Complete’ Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | Kristina Kanyuka - Senior Podiatrist


‘Complete’ Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | Bryan Headwards - Senior Podiatrist


Consultant Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | With Katrina Waller


'Complete' Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | Erin McCreedy - Senior Podiatrist


‘Complete’ Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | Kristina Kanyuka - Senior Podiatrist


'Complete' Foot Care Treatment

30 minute session | With Suzanne Thompson - Senior Podiatrist


NOTE: No additional consultation cost. Encompasses whole foot to include nails, corns, hard skin etc. Advice given. More complex problems may require additional appointments.


Treatment Videos

Some interesting videos of our treatments

Scalpal Removal of Hard Skin 1:11

A short video demonstrating the skills of a podiatrist in the safe and quick removal of hard skin from a patient’s heels. The Ped-Egg and the Scholl Pedi Velvet Smooth claim to be able to easily remove hard skin, but a patient who has really thick callus, hyperkeratosis, these devises will not effectively do the job as well as a scalpel. Please don’t try this at home, but book in with a qualified podiatrist.

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