Minor Nail Surgery

We are specialists in  minor nail surgery. We will only advise surgery if we feel it is necessary and conservative treatment options have failed. Nail surgery is covered by many insurance companies. Please check your policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to our most asked questions

Why would I need nail surgery?

  • Chronic infection and pronounced/ proud over-healing tissue is present
  • Ingrowing nail section cannot be removed without eliciting pain
  • Ingrowing nail section hard to locate
  • Conservative routine nail cutting fails to alleviate discomfort
  • Repeat infections/ ingrowing
  • Nail plate damaged or thickened
  • Advised as part of a fungal nail treatment programme

What to expect?

  • Local analgesia is administered to block nerves innervating toe
  • Torniquet is applied to control bleeding
  • Nail plate to be removed is carefully elevated from nail bed
  • Partial avulsion – only small section
  • Total avulsion – whole nail plate
  • Partial avulsion a linear cut is made through nail plate down to matrix where nail grows from
  • Phenol may or may not be applied to where nail grows from
  • Phenol is applied as a permanent solution to stop nail growing back
  • Toe is appropriately dressed
  • Follow-up re-dressing appointment is booked
  • Non-phenolised toe takes 1- 2 weeks to heal
  • Phenolised toes takes 3 -5 weeks to heal depending on health, activity level and occupation

When can I return to normal activities?

  • We advise you don’t drive directly after nail surgery and preferably refrain for 24 hours or at least until you are comfortable once analgesia has worn off
  • As long as you are not doing activities which put pressure and additional risk of trauma to healing toe then just be sensible
  • Wait at least 2 weeks minimum before returning to high impact activities
  • Wear accommodating footwear
  • If not sure please ask podiatrist, as every case can be different

How can I Accelerate Healing?

We can offer Lunula laser which is FDA cleared to accelerate nail growth and healing outcomes. A great treatment to help damaged nails grow out quickly. We also have the Erchonia EVRL Violet laser which will treat infectiona and accelerate healing simultaneously and will help to negate antibiotic use.

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As from 1st September 2020

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