At Compleet Feet we often recommend the surgical removal of fungal infected nail plates to increase the chances of successfully eradicating the infection. Once the nail has been removed we follow-up post operatively with a course of 4 Lunula laser treatments spaced at weekly intervals. This encourages new healthy nail plate growth. Many people would suggest that this is a drastic and radical if somewhat painful treatment option, but it by far gives the best results for those nails with high grade infections who have already tried every conservative approach and have already had a course of Lunula.

By taking the diseased nail off we can successfully treat the nail bed which may have the presence of a biofilm trapping in dormant spores. Spores and dermaphytes can be deeply entrenched within grooves in the nail bed and down inside the cuticle folds. it must be remembered not even topical drugs can penetrate a fungal biofilm let alone effect a dormant spore. These can be viable for up to 2 years. Dormant spores are often the main reason why fungal nail treatments fail months after a successful treatment.

In effect the process of having nail plates removed is not as gory or painful as patients perceive and the nail beds heal up very quickly. The Lunula itself is FDA cleared to accelerate healthy new nail growth. Nails back quickly and infection free.