At Compleet Feet we offer comfortable nail surgery. We have a specific technique which works on controlling ‘Pain Gates’. This was explored in 1965, by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall who outlined a scientific theory about psychological influence on pain perception; the ‘gate control theory’. Basically, this means we interrupt the fibers which carry pain signals to the spinal cord and then to the brain. These signals have to pass through ‘nerve gates’, at the level of the spinal cord. Once through the gates they travel on to reach the brain to register pain and as we all know we all have different pain thresholds. By closing down these ‘pain gates’ by disrupting the initial signals at the site of injection pain perception can be modulated.

Pain perception varies across different individuals according to their mood, emotional condition and prior experience, even if the pain is caused by similar physical stimuli and results in a similar degree of damage.  A simple way to ease pain if you knock yourself is to rub or massage the injured area. This helps to ‘confuse’ the pain signals and to reduce the perceived pain; pain gates close or the door is left ajar. Our technique at Compleet Feet helps to offer a similar effect to make otherwise painful injections more tolerable. The pain is not totally removed otherwise no injecting would be required, but it is less intense.

Once successfully and comfortably injected nail plates can be easily removed. The nails are gently prised off with little damage caused and surprisingly little bleeding. Nail beds begin to heal very quickly with some individuals not needing to wear a dressing on the treated area 7 days later. It must be remembered that the Lunula laser accelerates healing outcomes and this is used as part of a successful treatment programme whether it is for a damaged nail or a fungal nail 7 – 10 days post-operatively.