We have just gone ‘Live’ on the day of the General Election! New updated website for Compleet Feet which we hope you will all like. The old one was 5 years old and just not fit for purpose. Clucky, not interactive and lacking informative content. Our new one hopefully is far more engaging. You will be able to watch videos of what we do, and learn about all the amazing ‘cutting-edge’ treatments we offer. You can read our News and Blogs and appreciate how hard we try to keep ahead of the latest advancements in the world of podiatry. Read our educational tips and advice e.g. “What is the right shoe for me?” by Kristina Kanyuka.

We now have a monthly newsletter you can download and print-off, and a link to our Facebook page. We have a Facebook page just for feet! Gone are the days when you just put up a website; it now must be 360 degrees dimensional, to really reach out. More work for us, but we enjoy having the platforms to showcase what we do (not the heeled 70’s type). We pride ourselves on offering such a wide range of treatments to demonstrate, for a wide range of problems. If others have said: “there is nothing that can be done” we see it as a challenge to prove otherwise. There is always “something that can be done”. If we can’t we will steer you in the right direction.

We have 2 great new treatments to promote: Volumising Filler for feet and Swift Verruca microwave eradication. Two truly innovative treatments putting us steps ahead from other clinics. You can read about both in the new website and in News and Blogs.

You can now Book Online. This makes life so much easier if you have your diaries in front of you and want to get an appointment to suit. You can book at midnight if you want or early on a Sunday morning! No restrictions just availability, as we are such busy clinics.

Thank you to all our valued patients; new and old who support us. Soon coming up to our 10th Anniversary. Watch the clock tick down on our Home-page, and please go to our new Facebook page and LIKE US. It means so much.

A big thank you to Mike Searle (M89 Web Design), for all his patience in helping Katrina in the development of the site. www.m89webdesign.co.uk