The Swift device represents a break through in the treatment of viral plantar verrucae and warts. It harnesses the power and energy of microwaves to precisely target infected tissue to safely heat the tissues from within. At Compleet Feet, Alton we offer a ‘menu’ of treatment options for treating verrucae to include conventional use of strong acids to break down the verruca, powerful thermal laser, electrosurgery, cryotherapy freezing and a Marigold homeopathic remedy.

The majority of treatment options require some form of occlusive padding and dressings at some point during a treatment programme which must be kep dry. This can impinge on patient’s lifestyles and hygiene. A salicylic dressing has to be left on up to 5 days then repeated to get the desired effect. This can prove to be  a right source of hinderace. There is also the additional problems of marginal skin damage around a verruce which can actually cause a verruca to get bigger. This does not happen so much with a laser treatment, but there is the post laser blister healing to contend with whereby dressings are required.

The option of having a Swift verruca treatment negates the need for any dressings or padding. There is no post treatment tissue destruction. Treated verrucae are heated up from within to trigger tissue death and mediate an immune response. It seems to happen under the radar, with very little outward sign anything is happening until the verrucae totally regresses and disappears. Depending on the health of an individual and the severity, size etc. of their presenting verruca or verrucae, it is recommended to have 1-3 treatments spaced apart at 7-10 intervals to get desired outcome.

A clinical study involving 54 patients demonstrated that 76% of treated lesions cleared very ‘swiftly’ and overall 94% after 3 treatments or less. This is extremely good, as treating verrucae is often a very protracted drawn out process and patients lose heart and belief that their verrucae will ever go. I  am though for the record pleased to say at Compleet Feet we work very hard to get a treatment resolution, but now with the Swift, my life and that of my colleagues should be easier. We want results for our patients quickly with little or no fuss.

For me, the major benefit of choosing Swift as a verruca treatment option is that it does not impede on daily activities at all, with no requirement for padding or dressings. It makes treatment so clean and slick. There is very little pain and resulting treatment discomfort.

In my short accompaning video watch me have my heel verruca treated. I saved it especially for the Swift to witness for myself how comfortable and effective it is. It really was  tolerable. Only 2 seconds per blast ….1st second nothing, 2nd a sharp sting, then the 3rd all gone! I will report shortly on how my verruca is fairing. I hope all resistance is futile.