The Daily Mail Sept 10th wrote an article on how keeping the ligaments and muscles of the feet strong keeps the stomach toned; ” Improving foot strength means every step is a more stable one, which can have a positive effect up the skeletal chain to the lower leg and buttocks”. Compleet Feet do our best to try and point out to our patients who are having gait and foot issues to strengthen the little intrinsic and larger ligaments in the foot to help improve foot posture and function.

We advise on specific exercises and can issue specialised orthotic insoles, but it is so important to have the right footwear. Think of footwear and feet acting as a working unit, not independently from each other. They should work intuitively in unison to optimise gait efficiency. Most shoes don’t do this in effect quite the opposite. They can exploit poor biomechanics exacerbating musculoskeletal issues. The Skecher is guilty of this and flat ballet type shoes or flexible loafers. Don’t get me started on wellies!

Good footwear is a crucial. It influences positioning and muscle action of the foot. Standard shoes initiate a ‘passive’ gait, which does not activate ligaments and muscle correct function. Neuromusclular feedback to the brain is compromised so muscles are not given the information to act when required to ensure positive and efficient gait when encountering different terrains and situations. These muscles subsequently switch-off and become weak. This has a direct impact up the chain of motion. The pelvis tips forward, stomach muscles become weak, arches roll in, knees rotate inward and a stoop can form. People literally begin to lose the spring in their step and start plodding. Bad footwear is aging.

Our job as podiatrists is to try and stop this. Preventative medicine. Don’t wait until the preverbal horse as bolted and the notion of a joint replacement becomes an attractive option because of the pain when walking. Good footwear can hep to stop this.

The Joya shoes we sell are specially designed to make walking super-efficient. The cleverly engineered ultra-cushioning sole ensures wearers walk more efficiently. With each step small muscles and ligaments are activated in the foot to deliver ‘active’ not ‘passive’ gait. The sole structure absorbs impact and rolls the foot forward to engage muscle function. This is partly due to the Joya’s slightly destabilising action which switches on important neuromuscular feedback. Muscles start to fire when they are needed. They are taken out of a ‘passive’ lazy state to start working, hence they get stronger, gait improves and more importantly posture. Core muscles become more efficient in their supportive role for the pelvis and lower leg.

Joya shoes help strengthen foot muscles and improve posture


Yes, foot exercises are important to help improve posture and keep stomach toned, but then there is no point putting on a naff inadequate shoe. The ‘poor’ shoe will slowly counteract any amount of time spent doing foot exercises if there is an underlying biomechanical weakness. You will never get that toned stomach, and before long start stooping along with the drooping!