Sorry been so quiet. Working very hard in the background on Compleet Feet’s footings. Developing an extra string to our bow of selling specialist footwear takes time and hard work. We now have 2 new great footwear ranges to add to others, which are selling really well and proving to be a great success. We get so much satisfaction in fitting individual’s who have been struggling to find the right functional and comfortable shoes for themselves.

Our new shoe ranges for 2019 will be On Foot and Birkenstock. They both are shoe making companies with great pedigrees. Both producing footwear designed to offer great comfort and style. On Foot are a Spanish  family run 3rd generation shoe-making company new to the UK and Birkenstock are a German company who are a global brand, selling to 90 countries. Birkenstock have been selling their unique anatomical corkbed footwear to the UK since the 70’s. 

Our mission is to keep adding specialist footwear to our stock to offer a shoe solution for all matter of foot related problems. If we don’t have the right shoe then we will find a company that does and order it in like DB Wider Fit. We are very fortunate as a shoe retail business to have a large selection of corrective and supportive orthotic insoles to fit most of our specialist shoe range to increase functionality and treatment efficacy. Birkenstock manufacture  individual sets of their specialist anatomical cork footbeds which we will be stocking early 2019.

To ensure we can offer a great professional shoe fitting service we are building up a team of dedicated individuals, whose ‘sole’ purpose is to concentrate on the retail side of the business. Camilla and Theresa work together to offer ‘compleet shoecare’, alongside Katrina and her pod team who offer ‘compleet footcare’. A perfect blend of souls for soles. I just can’t resist a pun!

As a podiatrist I always recommend people to try on footwear before buying them, especially if they need specialist help and have foot related issues. At Compleet Feet we offer that, but in 2019 we will launch our new Online webshop to compliment our business. This site will give guidance to people who prefer to shop online, on what is the right footwear for them.

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