I had patient DM in last week who is so nervous about having her treatment resistant fungal infected nails removed prior to a short course of Lunula laser. I made this video for her to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to prise nail plates off.

Patient DM already has severa courses of Lunula laser which treated the worst of her mycotic infection, but 2 infected nails persist. Unfortunately, coupled with these infected nails her Athletes Foot infection persists. The cycle of cross-infection between nails and skin has not been broken. The infected nails could have treatment resistant biofilms ( a microscopic film with imbedded dormant spores), hence the Lunula laser failed? By removing these nails with their biofilms then the chances of successfully eradicating her persistant fungal infection are greatly increased.

This presenting video shows how easy it is in practice to remove these treatment resistant nails. People build up a picture in their minds of a gory, painful treatment. It is not. Yes, nobody likes needles, but an LA does insure a painfree procedure and then the nail beds heal up very quickly.

Once nail is removed, patient has a course of 4 Lunula Laser sessions spaced apart at weekly intervals. The Lunula laser can now reach deeply into the infected nail folds and help to recondition the nail bed. A much better quality of nail grows back, even those that have become very thickened or distorted through infection grow back in a better condition. Compleet Feet have lots of tips and tricks to recondition the damaged nail bed. This approach to fungal nails is great for both toe and finger nails.

We have patients who simply have damaged nails which we take off and encourage a much better cosmetically pleasing nail plate to grow back.