It is a tough time for podiatry clinics at this time of year with patients going on holiday, people not booking in because their corns don’t hurt when wearing sandals, tightening their belts with Brexit fears and so forth, but we are delighted to say we had a record 90 new patients in July. This is a great endorsement for our clinic and our wonderful team who work hard to provide the best service they can. We also work hard behind the scenes with the obligatory marketing e.g. Facebook, Instagram, website blogs, Google+, and Youtube. Social media is time consuming and you never quite know if it is being targeted at the right audience in the right way, but one keeps plugging away just in case you catch the attention of a potential new customer. Recently Katrina got voted one of the UK Podiatry best blog sites, so she must be doing something right!

We are also delighted to announce that we only had 12 DNAs (did not attend) across our 3 clinics to include Alton, Southsea and Brighton. DNAs can be a big issue for clinics in terms of lost income and more importantly valuable time lost. Fortunately we do not get too many. Usually, it is a case whereby people get distracted and simply forget whilst pottering in their gardens. We get many flustered apologetic phone calls later. I have recently done this myself with an optician’s appointment despite getting the text reminder the day before. I was mortified and yes I was pottering in the garden. It happens to the best of us.

To back up our latest set of figures we have just audited April to July’s patient satisfaction comment box. It is important for us to get feedback from our patients and we like to encourage people  to comment either good or bad so we can monitor our performance. We averaged 86% satisfaction rates for happy with reception service and podiatry treatments. Additional comments left were: “Friendly lady, very agreeable” and “Many thanks, very good”.. No negative comments left. Phew!

Once again thank you to our patients who come to Compleet Feet.