Compleet Feet now has a dedicated fungal nail treatment website: 

Compleet Feet is committed to providing the best solutions we can to eradicate unpleasant, upsetting damaged and diseased fungal nail infections. We truly understand ‘the nuts and bolt’ of treating mycotic nail infections; differentiating the Mr Average fungi from the ‘Superfungi’ which is resistant to standard treatments. We will be honest enough to say when a nail has to surgically come off to give it the best chance ( 95 – 98%) of growing back healthy and infection free. The Lunula laser alone does not always do the job if you have a  deep trapped infection, a dermaphytoma or biofim. Nail removal sounds drastic and gruesome, but if you really want to get infection free without damaging your liver with drugs or spending a protracted time in trying to achieve a cure then this is often the best treatment option and seriously it is not as bad as it sounds. Nail beds heal very quickly and combined with  the Lunula laser which  is FDA cleared to accelerate fast healthy new growth you will have restored nails in no time. Double Lunulas at Compleet Feet Alton, double fast action, double fast fungal nail cure.