The Lunula laser is not just for fungal infected mycotic nails, it also rapairs and reconditions diseased and damaged nails. One of the Erchonia Lunula laser’s main actions, for which it has the validation of a 2016 FDA clearance, is to accelerate new healthy nail growth. This is so beneficial when used to ‘grow-out’ a damaged nail.

Causes of weak, damaged nails excluding congenital, fungal and yeast infections:

  • – Bad pedicures/ manicures UV nail gels, nail varnishes
  • – Bacterial infections
  • – Poor health e.g. vitamin and iron deficiencies, thyroid issues, coronary, pulmonary etc
  • Skin conditions e.g. psoriasis
  • – Chemicals e.g. systemic drugs(chemotherapy)
  • – Smoking
  • – Repeated, prolonged water submergence
  • – Physical trauma
  • – Nail biting, thumb sucking

The above are just some of the etiological causes for weakened and damaged nails. If a nail has been damaged there is usually some associated damage to the nail bed which is hard to reach with topical preparations as they do not penetrate deep enough through the plate’s multiple compressed keratin layers. It is just as important to treat the nail bed as it is the plate.

Nail plates grow very slowly. Finger nails average 0.1mm per day whilst toenails are half to a third of that. Interestingly the rate of nail growths peaks between the ages of 10 -14 and begins an inexorable decrease with age after the second decade. If you damage the thumb nail at the base, the matrix, then it will take 6- 8 months to fully grow out with the big toenail taking twice as long.

Nail plates have no direct vascular supply so all oxygen and nutrients are absorbed through the surrounding tissues. If an individual has a circulatory condition or is immuno-compromised the nutrition to the nail is impaired. Smoking can also impair a nail’s ability to grow and regenerate. Slow growth and poor nutrition can exacerbate the poor condition of the nail bad and plate leading to other potential issues:

– Damage to the nail folds e.g. retraction, ingrowing issues

– Lifting up of the nail plate from the bed (onycholysis)

– Retronychia, abnormal shedding of nail plate, leading to multiple plates forming

– Thickening and distortion of nail plate (onychogryphosis)

– Involution whereby nail plate becomes curved at the sides as it grows forward

The quicker the damage can be repaired the less chance of permanent nail plate faults. The Lunula can expediate accelerated nail growth  so is invaluable as a tool to restore damaged nails. The effect of the laser’s red 635nm wavelength is to promote healing at a deep cellular level and the blue 405nm one will eradicate any damaging microbes which impair healing e.g. bacterial infections. The combined action of the 2 laser wavelengths causes localised vasodilation to increase blood supply to the damaged nail bed and matrix. Valuable nutrition and oxygen is supplied to the area to boost good healthy new growth. This is not achieved in such a quick direct way with topicals.

At Compleet Feet we combine the Lunula laser with good clinical nail care and advice, to get healthier improved, restored nail growth for damaged nails. It is important to understand what the factors were in the first instance that contributed or caused  the nail damage. We advise patients look at their diets to see if they have a vitamin deficiency. Taking a Biotin supplement really helps to strengthen nails and rubbing vegetable oils in e.g. Pure Rice Bran Oil helps to condition the plate, by putting some fatty acids(sterols) into the surface. layers. The quicker we can get the nail plate to grow out the better the result.

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