Compleet Feet are specialists in the application of demal fillers for volumising areas of the foot subject to fat pad atrophy and painful corns and callouses. In this new video Katrina Waller demonstrates how she painlessly injects hyaluronic acid gel safely into the foot’s plantar metatarsal area to create pockets of cushioning over the pronounced joints. The procedure takes 1 hour and the results last 12 -18 months  depending on the presenting condition. Results can often last longer due the needle insertion causing micro-trauma which stimulates new collagen and elastin as part of the healing process.

This foot volumising procedure is great for individuals who find any shoes painful to wear, because they feel like they are walking on marbles, or have a troublesome corn on a toe which is still painful even after being parred down and padded. It is not a vanity treatment as having painful feet at any time can effect quality of life by impeding on daily activities. If a female wants to wear heels, but knows she can’t because the “balls of my feet will ache” it can have psychological impact e.g. feeling less feminine. High heels can make woman feel attractive and enpowered, although as a podiatrist I don’t endorse them all the time, but as I always say; “a little of what you fancy does you good”!

Women often spend a fortune trying to find the perfect, ‘sexy’, but comfortable shoe and often fail. End up with a wardrobe of defunct shoes, which can cause guilt, frustration and be expensive reminders of sore feet. The application of volumising foot fillers could potentially reverse all this and allow her to wear the objects of her desire. The same applies to males who may also have similiar footwear issues. Heels are not just for women!