Richard Pryer has been effectively treating the most difficult of treatment resistant fungal nail infections at the Compleet Feet Brighton clinic for 3 years. He is a dedicated podiatrist who works hard with his patients to restore diseased and damaged nails back to good health. He uses Lunula ‘cold’ laser technology combined with the Clearanail Micro Drill to give patients the best and most advanced in technology to eradicate their infections. Whilst it is great to have cutting edge technology, most of the real skill and the biggest part of an effective fungal nail treatment is the skill and knowledge of the podiatrist. It is crucial to develop a working partnership with the patient to faciliate them to stick to a strict tailor made programme of after-care. If patients pay no attention to treating the infective spores than treatments are doomed to fail.
In Richard’s presentation he shows before and after patients following a course of Lunula laser sessions. The follow-up photographs are generally taken at the 3 month point. Note how quickly the Lunula accelerates new healthy nail growth. Nails normally only grow 1mm per month and if they are infected growth is retarded. The therapeutic combined wavelengths of the Lunula do speed up nail growth which is so important when trying to beat the infection.