Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy with Erchonia XLR8 and PL Touch

Compleet Feet integrate low level laser therapy ( 3LT )  into clinical podiatry practice to accelerate healing outcomes and modulate pain for many  musculoskeletal lower limb conditions.  We have the Erchonia XLR8 and PL Touch Class 2 lasers. These are unique innovative lasers from Erchonia; world leaders in advancing the application of 3LT in medicine. Low level laser therapy has been used consistently and successfully on human athletes for many years. It has become a mainstay in professional sports where fast healing is not just desirable but necessary to remain competitive.

Healed by the Light – Jeffrey Nelson

Biphasic Dose Response in LLLT

3LT lasers harness visible light energy to target injured, painful, compromised areas through  photochemistry. Think of how plants utilise the sun’s energy in photosynthesis to thrive, or how human’s absorb light through the skin to synthesis vitamin D. Light energy delivered at specific wavelengths is absorbed into the body’s cells and converted into cellular energy to stimulate different biophysical reactions. This is termed biostimulation.

When cells are stressed they run out of available energy. They stop communicating with other cellular structures so healing responses are suppressed, pain sets in and conditions become chronic. Pain receptors are left permanently switched on, and a reduction in movement/ mobility subsequently occurs. Think of how back muscles spasm when you tweak your back.

3LT Simplified

  • Light energy converted into cellular energy
  • Upregulates cells to enhance cellular communication
  • Switches off pain receptors
  • Switches on healing responses
  • Effects of 3LT is akin to taking a pharmacological drug
  • No unwanted side-effects

Red 635 nm. This wavelength is clinically proven in numerous trials, studies to be the one most in-tune with the human cell for healing. The lasers are frequency specific to resonate specifically with the different cellular structures targeted. All cells have a different physiological role with their own resonance/ vibration. The lasers are programmed to  match a cell’s pecific cellular vibration energies for optimal biostimulation.

Low level laser therapy does not generate any heat, so is very safe. It is often termed ‘cold’ laser. There are no reported Erchonia 3LT adverse reports. It can be safely used to treat many conditions.

During treatment, most patients do not feel a thing, though some have reported a slight tingling sensation or a sense of deep relaxation after the treatment.

Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, fast and effective modality, proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce oedema, and promote healing. The potential applications of low-level laser are almost limitless. Erchonia has received to date 14  FDA market clearance for their lasers. Low level laser therapy has also been beneficial for patients with:

  • Arthritic conditions
  • Bunion/ forefoot pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Joint pain
  • Knee replacements
  • Injuries acute and chronic
  • Muscle, ligament sprains/strains
  • Neuropathy/ neuropathic pain ……………..and much more
  • Great for chronic conditions that have not responded to any previous treatments

Patient is assessed for  suitability  before any  3LT laser treatment:

  • Podiatrist may offer a  laser session during your treatment to ascertain effectiveness
  • May advise a course of 6 laser sessions
  • Treatments are tailored to be laser specific to specific condition treated
  • Treatments are only 1 – 3 minutes in duration
  • Several treatment settings may be used
  • Treatments can be combined with orthotics, kinetic taping, mobilisation, exercises

The unique  EVRL is the world’s only low level laser to simultaneously treat infection and accelerate healing outcomes at the same time. It combines 2 therapeutic wavelengths; blue antimicrobial 405nm and red healing  635nm. These are the same 2 wavelengths utilised in the Lunula laser which we use to treat damaged and fungal diseased nails.

We can use the EVRL to help us treat highly infected wounds, poor healing and post-operatively after nail surgery to reduce infection risks and expedite healing.

3LT laser effects are accumulative like taking medication, but a reduction in pain, improved ranged of motion, reduced inflammation  can often be noted after 1 treatment. Chronic conditions respond a little slower than acute ones, with treatment programme spread out over a longer period of time.

  • Acute conditions require 6 sessions
  • Chronic conditions require 6 – 12 sessions


Course of 6 3LT treatments                                                   £130

Individual sessions                                                                   £26

We recommend a course of 6 laser sessions as has an incremental drug effect

Course of 6 3LT                                                                          £130.00

Individual sessions                                                                     £26.00

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