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Complete Volumising Filler Injections For Comfortable Feet

At Compleet Feet Alton we work alongside Compleet Aesthetics, who are a Medispa clinic specialising in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments for the body and face. Katrina our clinical director is not only a podiatrist, but a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner insured by Hamilton Fraser. She has a particular interest in minor skin surgery and cosmetic podiatric  treatments primarily the latest in Foot Dermal Filler cushioning techniques to alleviate foot pain and discomfort. Making the wearing of shoes more comfortable, particularly high heels to reduce – ‘stilleto-tarsalgia’.

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  • Dermal fillers are great for individuals who like to wear high heels and find it is becoming increasingly painful to wear them for any length of time due to pain and secondary corns or callous formation either on the sole of the foot or toes.
  • Dermal fillers are great for patients who have lost the fatty padding on the balls of their feet and are in constant pain and discomfort when walking
  • Dermal fillers are great for hammer toes which get sore and painful from shoe pressure
  • Dermal fillers are effective in eradicating painful corns

Dermal fillers are recommended whereby conventional podiatric attempts have failed in alleviating foot pain and  negate the need to have padding stuck to the foot which can impede on hygiene and look unsightly.

The application of injecting  dermal fillers into the feet is an advanced procedure whereby specialised hyaluronic fillers are used to plump up the balls of the feet and cushion toe joints. This reduces painful weight bearing pressures to reduce excess forces and friction. The result is support and cushioning to provide comfort and relief when wearing high heels, on feet for long durations or have lack of anatomical padding resulting in painful corns or callouses.

Dermal fillers are primarily used for aesthetic procedures to plump up, smooth out, and contour. They are gels of different viscosities which are comprised of hyaluronic acid(HA). A synthetic form that does not consist of animal derived ingredients. HA  occurs naturally within the body, present in the skin, joints and eyes. It is hydrophilic, which means it attracts water molecules to ‘plump’ up, cushion and keep structures supple and flexible. It is a natural substance which in time naturally breaks down.

Our choice of filler is Stylage. Stylage products are combined with an antioxidant, Mannitol, naturally present in nature in celery, olives and raspberries to reduce the side effects of hyaluronic acid (redness and swelling). The presence of Mannitol, the “free radical scavenger”, limits the effects of free radicals on the dermis and on the product injected, thus reducing the risk of post-injection inflammation. Stylage takes longer to break down and is longer lasting.

The fillers are carefully injected in small volumes underneath the skin, where the cushioning is required to restore volume and structure. The fillers will not affect the shape or look of the foot, but simply apply additionally required cushioning. Patients who have had the treatment often remark; “it feels like I am walking on pillows”.

At Compleet Feet we only use safe and FDA approved dermal fillers called Juvaderm. Juvaderm includes a small quantity of local anaesthetic to make injecting more comfortable, but additional analgesia is often required for complete pain relief. The sole of the foot is highly innervated, so a nerve block is recommended.

Yes, it is a safe procedure done correctly in specialist hands by a practitioner who fully understands the anatomical structures of the foot. Juvaderm has proven track record of safety and nerve blocks are mimimally invasive and low risk.

The time taken to inject filler depends on the size of the area and location. 20- 30 minutes for single toes and  1 – 11/2 hours for ball of foot.

The dermal filler for foot cushioning can last up to  9 – 12 months. HA will slowly break down to be naturally absorbed  and safely eliminated by the body. The actual process of injecting stimulates new collagen formation means even though the filler has broken down the thickness of tissues has increased so results can last up to 2 years.

There are minimal side-effects, but as with using dermal fillers for facial aesthetic purposes there can be:

  • Redness
  • Infection
  • Post operative discomfort

An Erchonia low level laser(3LT) is used pre after the procedure to accelerate healing and minimise infection. This is unique to Compleet Feet. The lasers are FDA cleared for pre and post-operative surgical purposes. Podiatrists are skilled in padding the foot to off-load treated areas for optimal results.

A thorough consultation is required first to check patient suitability. Patients may be recommended specialist insoles to improve foot functioning.

Consultation                                                         £50

Fillers for corns                                                    from £220

Cushioning soles of feet                                     from £ 500

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