Chiropody & Podiatry

Complete Foot Care for all Ages and all Needs

Compleet Feet offer a ‘complete’ foot care service to encompass routine foot care through to complex procedures. We pride ourselves in being able to find a solution for most presenting problems. As an accredited clinic we work to the highest of standards recommended by The Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists to ensure patients are given the best standards of care.

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We can treat most lower limb related foot problems or advise on appropriate course of action. Please speak to one our trained receptionists who will answer any of your enquiries and book your appointment. You can book direct online. If you would like to receive a preliminary answer please send in good quality pictures with short summary of problem, but we do not make a formal diagnosis without patient present.

Yes. All new patients will have a consultation pertinent to the presenting problem e.g. whether it is a problem corn or plantar fasciitis. For routine foot problems, we do not charge for initial consultations unlike other clinics and will commence treatment during initial appointment. Patients will be required to consent to treatment.

We treat all presenting foot related problems within an appointed time. If we require additional time for your specific problem we will advise. A routine chiropody/ podiatry appointment consists of all nails cut and filed, all hard skin, corns reduced, required padding or dressings applied and cream massaged in. Finally, any relevant foot care advice is given.

Yes. At Alton, we have a downstairs clinic with wheelchair access at the back of the building and a drop-off point. Please ask.

Yes, but this is dependent on your Medical Insurance Company. Please check your policy.

Yes. We currently offer 2 late evening clinics twice per month and can offer a 6.00pm appointment on a case by case basis. Katrina is available for 1 Saturday clinic per month. Please ask.

No, but if you email us on: we will endeavour to reply within a few hours to advice on appropriate course of action or answer any concerns. Please include any relevant pictures and details of concern.


Costs vary between clinics:



‘Complete’ Foot Care Treatment    30 minute session                   £38.00

Consultant Foot Care Treatment    30 minute session                  £42.00  with Katrina Waller


‘Complete’ Footcare Treatment    30 minute session                      £34.00


Please ask on booking

No additional consultation cost. Encompasses whole foot to include nails, corns, hard skin etc. Advice given. More complex problems may require additional appointments. Price reduction on simple nail cutting only. Please ask.

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When patients come to Compleet Feet we always do a consultation to grade their presenting fungal nail disease (onychomycosis). This helps…