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Compleet Feet were the first Laser Fungal Nail Clinic in Hampshire. We have successfully treated over 600 patients with fungal nails since 2011, and performed over 5,000 laser treatments. We now have clinics in Alton, Emsworth and Brighton. We have an impressive proven high success rate, due to having the best in laser technology and highly trained staff who work hard with clients to treat nail infections. Breaking the cycle of infection needs dedicated care and attention! Make sure you see a trained Podiatrist. Please have a look at our Blog page articles to get an  insight into our treatment practices:

We do offer other specialist treatments, which are listed below. All our treatments are clinically proven to be effective. Please take the time to explore our treatments outlined in our website, and feel free to contact us directly to discuss any of our treatments in more detail.    

Laser and Verrucae and Wart Treatment     

Lunula Cold Laser Fungal Nail Treatment 

Ingrown Nail Surgery 

Biomechanical Assessments

Recent Testimonials

  • Compleet Feet provided a very professional clinical service that has, within 2 months enabled me to be free of heel pain that I have suffered for over 12 months. They have all the latest technology to confirm their expert clinical opinion. I can thoroghly recommend Compleet Feet.

  • I went to Compleet Feet with a bad back and am now virtually pain free! Katrina explained everything thoroughly throughout each visit enabling me to understand why I had back pain. I have been left knowing what I need to do in the future, but wasnʼt encouraged to make lots of unnecessary follow up appointments. A very fair, friendly and sucessful service which I would highly recomment to anyone.

  • The team at Compleet Aesthetics are very professional. They understand what will work personally for your particular problems. I am amazed how quickly I have been seeing results. The CACI Environ combined facial is a must. A top end treatment at a fraction of the price I would be expected to pay in London.



  • I cannot thank Compleet Feet enough for giving me the confidence to wear sandals again. I had suffered with hideous fungal toe nails for over 10 years. Nothing worked, I really had given up when I saw 'This Morning' on ITV talk about the Lunula Cold Laser. I now have had a course of 4 laser treatments with Katrina and her team and am so delighted to see the infection growing out! A miracle, and it was so easy with absolutely no pain. I have new feet. Thank you so much Compleet Feet.


  • The nails on my right foot were badly infected. My GP had given me a course of anti-fungal tablets to treat them, but they made me feel very ill so I stopped. Luckily I was recommended  to try laser treatment. This has worked very well for me and now my nails look normal. Katrina and her team worked very hard to clear the infection. I know I have to do my bit to ensure I don't getanother infection. The cost was worth it.


  • Afer many years of discomfort, my painful heels and nail infections have all been sorted out, and I'm now able to play golf and enjoy wlaking again. My grateful thanks to you and the staff at Compleet Feet.

  • I have had CACI treatments in the past, but have never had the fantastic results I have been getting at Compleet Aesthetics. I highly recommend the clinic. A hidden treasure.


  • Is this what you want? I can only do quick and short. Laser works! Will that do?


Contact us on 01420 89600. Fungal nail treaments from as little as £65. Partners with fungal infected nails 50% discount.